Error: Unable to find a match: libsrtp-devel

    Getting error while installing libsrtp-devel module for Webphone configuration on centos 8

    [root@EasyDial1245 ~]# yum install wget gcc gcc-c++ ncurses-devel libuuid-devel jansson-devel libxml2-devel sqlite-devel libsrtp-devel openssl-devel


    Last metadata expiration check: 1:05:40 ago on Tuesday 18 July 2023 09:02:48 AM IST.

    Package wget-1.19.5-10.el8.x86_64 is already installed.

    No match for argument: libsrtp-devel

    Error: Unable to find a match: libsrtp-devel

    Solved this as :

    Install libsrtp-devel rpm package:

    # dnf --enablerepo=powertools install libsrtp-devel
    on July 18, 2023.
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